Seasonal Skirts: My Favorite Modest Skirts for Spring

Modest Skirts for Spring - Look! We're Learning!
Hi everyone! This year, we’re sharing in a new quarterly linkup called “Seasonal Skirts: A Guide to Feminine Dress Throughout the Year!” I’m excited to share in this linkup with 10 other bloggers, including Dusty at To the Moon and Back, Erin at For Him and My Family, Laura at Raising Soldiers 4 Christ, Kyndra at Sticks, Stones, and Chicken Bones, Mrs. Warde at Sceleratus Classical Academy, Cynthia at Cynce’s Place, Melissa at Life Off the Paved Road, Dawnita at Fogleman Forerunner, Hilary at Our Homeschool Studio, and Annette at In All You Do!

This month, we’re focusing on our favorite modest skirts for spring. Now, I don’t wear skirts exclusively. In fact, I own quite a few pairs of Old Navy jeans. :) However, we spend so much time in our Bible education work that I end up wearing skirts on most days.

The hard thing about wearing skirts now is finding ones that are both modest and stylish. So I usually shop online or hunt around at thrift stores. If I find something I like, I will hold onto it for years and years. (Seriously.) Without further ado, here are four of the modest spring outfits I’m wearing this year.

Modest Skirts for Spring - Look! We're Learning!

I actually scored this entire outfit at Goodwill about a month ago. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find a matching top and bottom in the same trip. The skirt has a wide elastic band, which is extremely forgiving to my mom figure. :)

Modest Skirts for Spring - Look! We're Learning!

This skirt has been with me through my last three pregnancies, so it’s quite aged. I’ve adjusted the elastic quite a few times…lol. I got it at (I think?) Dillard’s during an off-season sale. But it doesn’t wrinkle, which is a plus, and it’s very cool on warm spring days.

Modest Skirts for Spring - Look! We're Learning!

This is my oldest skirt. I’ve had this one since I was 17. Before you go congratulating me on staying the same size, I have to admit that it’s a wrap skirt. That is the only reason I can still get into this thing. :)

Wrap skirts are always modest in length, but they do tend to fly open as you walk. I usually stick a safety pin in the wrap right at my kneecap to keep my skirt from swinging open when I walk or sit.

Modest Skirts for Spring - Look! We're Learning!

I got this outfit from an online store called Soul-Flower. Most of their clothes are hippie-inspired, which means loads and loads of long flowy skirts. I loved the peacock on the front…

Modest Skirts for Spring - Look! We're Learning!

…and the feather on the back! Plus, the long sleeves are good for spring days when the weather is still cool, which we’ve had a lot of lately.

And those are some of my favorite spring modest skirts! But I’d also love to see what you’re wearing this season! If you’d like to join up and share some of your favorite modest skirts for spring, grab the linky button below and add your post!

My Favorite Modest Skirts for Spring - Look! We're Learning!

How I Juggle Going to College and Homeschooling My Kids

How I Juggle Homeschooling and Going Back to College - Look! We're Learning!

Good morning! College finals are fast approaching, so I took last week off from blogging to catch up on some of my last assignments for this semester. Now that I’m nearly a full year into my “back to school” experience, I thought I’d share some of the pointers I’ve picked up about how to homeschool while going back to college. Spoiler: It’s hard. :)

How I Juggle Homeschooling and Going Back to College - Look! We're Learning!

1. Insist on a regular schedule. 

You’ll need at least two schedules: one for your kids’ lessons and another for your own. It’s really difficult, but it’s essential that you keep the kids on their regular homeschooling schedule. Otherwise, you’ll finish the semester and then realize that you have to do double lessons for a month to catch up on math (like I have to do with Tigger in May).

As for organizing my classes – I have an enormous binder that I use for my classes with sections for each subject and a stack of weekly planning pages in the front. At the beginning of the semester, I look through every class schedule and then write the due dates for my assignments in my planner pages. I usually do this during the first week of class before the really heavy assignments start.

I’m usually very organized at the beginning of the semester, but after spring break, it’s all downhill and I’m barely functioning by finals. That’s when the organizing I did early in the semester ends up saving me. Seeing what assignments are due several weeks in advance helps me avoid having to work on them all at once.

How I Juggle Homeschooling and Going Back to College - Look! We're Learning!

2. Enlist the help of your spouse.

I’ve written before about why we need supportive homeschooling spouses, and going back to college has just underscored how much I need the help of my husband. There have been many, many school days that he’s taught for me so I could go study. He has no problem cooking dinner or getting the kids ready for bed when I need to cram for a test or attend a school function.

In order for our spouses to help us out, though, we have to communicate with them. Jay and I have had several long conversations, especially this past semester, about how we can make adjustments to our schooling schedule while I’m in class. After finals, we’ll be sitting down again to see how I can revise my course load in the fall so that we can get back to learning more as a family.

How I Juggle Homeschooling and Going Back to College - Look! We're Learning!

3. Be flexible.

This is probably the most important tip I’ve learned about trying to go to college while homeschooling my kids. I’ve had to be open to trying new approaches almost every week. One of the choices I made was to take classes online, since that was the most flexible way for me to get my school work done. Btw, if you are considering going back to college, I highly recommend distance learning. It’s convenient, easy to use, and adaptable for moms who are already busy during the day.

Another big part of being flexible is prioritizing. I have several interests that have had to take a backseat, especially during this past semester, including knitting, sewing, traveling, and (occasionally) blogging. But that’s life. We always have to shuffle our priorities to make sure that we’re taking care of the “more important things.” (Phil. 1:10) I’ve even had to let go of my attempt to maintain a 4.0 GPA. In the past, I’ve done extra credit and additional assignments to make sure that my grades were perfect. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve learned that it’s more important to be reasonable than right. I hope that’s something I can teach my kids as well.

So, those are a few of the things I’ve learned while juggling homeschooling and going back to college! Are any of you back in school? Are you thinking about it? We’d love to hear your tips or suggestions in the comments!

This post is part of the “How Homeschool Moms Juggle” linkup at iHomeschoolNetwork! Click on over and read how our fellow bloggers juggle homeschooling and their other responsibilities such as housework, caring for a new baby, and working outside the home!

How I Juggle Homeschooling and Going Back to College - Look! We're Learning!

12 Months of Sensory Dough: Kool Aid Scented Play Dough

Hey everyone! It’s time for our 12 Months of Sensory Dough linkup! Every month, I’m honored to co-host this linky with 11 other bloggers, including Dayna at Lemon Lime Adventures, Val & Alex at Glittering Muffins, Devany at Still Playing School, Sarah at Little Bins for Little Hands, Kimberly at Natural Beach Living, Melissa Ann at The Eyes of a Boy, Nicolette at Powerful Mothering, Amy at Wildflower Ramblings, Rachel at I Heart Crafty Things, Michelle at Delightful Learning, and Jennifer at The Life of Jennifer Dawn!

For our scented dough, we decided to make Kool-Aid scented play dough using a recipe from Kraft. I was interested to see how this would turn out using just the Kool-Aid powder for the scent and color. We went with pink lemonade, lemonade, and orange for our flavors.

I started with the pink lemonade flavor. When I mixed up the dry ingredients, I started to wonder whether the color would show or not.

But once I added the water and oil, the color showed and I felt a little less worried…lol.

Here’s the lemonade-flavored batch.

And the orange-flavored batch. You just combine the ingredients and stir over medium heat for a few minutes until you get a ball of play dough.

Let them all cool for a little bit and you’re ready to go! A word of caution: This dough dries out very quickly, so you’ll want to cover it up if you don’t intend to use it right away.

Now for the verdict: Of these three flavors, the orange was definitely the best. It produced the best color and it smelled wonderful! The pink lemonade had a slight scent, and the lemonade didn’t smell like much of anything…lol. Using a stronger flavor like fruit punch would probably be even better. :)

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The Real Sacrifice of Motherhood

I haven’t shared a personal post on here in quite a while, so I thought I’d let you all know about something that’s been on my heart lately.

When I hear people speak about motherhood and/or homeschooling, one of the words I hear the most is “sacrifice”. Quite often, I’ve heard people mention some of these sacrifices, which could include giving up a career (for some mothers), accepting the physical changes in your body (for most mothers), and sharing your time everyday (for every single mother on earth). If you’re homeschooling, you’ll have even more sacrifices, which might involve living on a smaller income, learning to teach subjects in which you did not excel as a student, and adapting to the learning needs of your children.

But there’s another sacrifice that I’m having to make as a mother: I have to give up my feelings. Now I don’t mean my feelings about my kids, of course. But I’m having to let go of how I feel about a lot of other things so that I have room for my feelings toward my kids to grow.

For example, before I had kids, I used to have an opinion about nearly everything under the sun. Did that celebrity have plastic surgery? Should the U.S. Individual Income Tax code be changed? Is it impolite when someone holds the door open and no one says “Thank you?” (Yes, it is, by the way.) I voiced these opinions to almost everyone I could find and I’d muster up some pretty strong emotions about all of these topics and others.

It wasn’t just small things like these, either. I had some pretty strong opinions about things that have happened in my life. I was angry about the injustices I’d experienced. I was frustrated, because so many issues had gone unresolved. And I was sad that I missed out on developing long-lasting friendships during my youth.

As I get closer to my kids, though, I’m finding that there is just no room for these feelings to continue taking up space in my heart. I’m at a point where I can either love my kids or hold onto to all those other feelings. And it’s no contest. My kids win.

Psalm 62:8 says “Trust in him at all times, O people. Pour out your hearts before him. God is a refuge for us.” (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures) I’ve decided to take that counsel seriously and deposit all of my unresolved feelings with Jehovah God in prayer. I know that He wants me to be the best mother I can be, and I know that He will support me if I’m willing to make this sacrifice for my children.

So, that’s where I am today. But I’d love to know what sacrifices you’ve made to become mothers and/or homeschooling mothers. Feel free share your experiences below.